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Website Design in Atlanta

When you are looking for a webdesigner, there are certain things you should keep in mind. You of course want a design that is appealing to your visitors, but there are more subtle things you should look for as well including:

  • Functionality
  • The skill level of the designer
  • Long-term communication
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • Full service offerings
Atlantis Website Design
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A beautiful site is only part of the equation. A site needs to look pretty and function well. If the user is confused or can’t easily navigate the site then you risk losing that website visitor. Integrating functionality into the initial design process ensures that the design is dictated by the function and not the other way around. This is especially important for business websites where an easily confused visitor represents a lost profit opportunity.

From navigation to image and text placement, we will work with you to ensure that the website functions well from your viewpoint, and most importantly, your website visitor’s viewpoint.

We have some pretty neat tools for testing this too!


Skill level is something that is hard to measure from an outside perspective. With webdesign and web development it is especially difficult because there are aspects that you can see (the actual design of the website) and aspects that are unseen (the underlying code and structure). Some designers are great at the artsy part but have no clue about the coding part. Conversely, some people are coders first and designers second.

Atlantis takes pride in having a high level of skill in both aspects. We have been designing websites since 2000 and are fluent in HTML and CSS. We also are competent with PHP and Javascript. Nowadays we prefer to use WordPress (which is based in PHP) for its simplicity, benefits to clients, and robustness. Of course, we are not afraid to get our hands dirty with the code and even come up with custom-coded solutions where they are needed.

website design atlanta
atlanta website design


Communication seems to be the biggest stumbling block between designers and clients. We’ve spoken to lots of clients and potential clients that have complained about how their designer has disappeared and they no longer have access to the website they paid for. This situation can be made worse when a new designer takes over, recommends a redesign, and then vanishes themselves. And thus the frustrating cycle continues.

You will not have that problem with Atlantis Website Design. We have been designing and maintaining sites for years for the same clients. We are in it for the long haul and will always be available to help you.

Communication is key for any long-term project and we will work with you to meet your needs and make sure all of your problems and concerns are addressed in a timely manner.


Maintenance and support are key to your success in this ever changing world.

Things change. You might change locations and need your address updated. A phone number can change. Employees and even owners can change. It’s important that your website displays the most current information for your organization and we are happy to help when the need arises.

Apart from informational changes to the business, websites themselves need maintenance. Security is always an issue in this day and age and website code should be updated frequently to reflect the best practices of the time to prevent the disastrous consequences of a hacked website. This is especially important with businesses that may keep sensitive client data in their website’s databases.

There is also backup to consider. Should something go wrong, there is no peace of mind like having a backup available to get things up and running again quickly.

Atlantis Website Design provides the full spectrum of support and maintenance for your website to keep it, and your sanity, secure.

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Full Service

Having a nice website is great, but you will also need to host it on a server and it needs a name (URL) as well. We are happy to take care of securing your website name and setting up your hosting. We will set these up for you as part of the design process. We offer high performance hosting (much better than you can get with shared hosting at places like Godaddy) for a nominal fee. We can also set up your website on your server if you have your own hosting.

The name of your site is very important. It is easy to just pick a name that relates to your business name or category, but for the sake of SEO, it is important to carefully consider the name and how potential customers will search for and perceive your brand. We will help you find an available name that represents your organization and is powerful for SEO.

Planning -> Name acquisition -> Hosting -> Design -> Testing -> Implementation -> Maintenance -> Security = Full Service Website Design

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